Division 2 Playoff Scores

Playoff results today:

Super Region 1 Final:

Shepherd 30, #1 Kutztown St. 28

Super Region 2 Final:

#1 Valdosta State 41 #3 Bowie State 26

Super Region 3 Final:

#1 Ferris State 41 #3 Northwest Missouri State 20

Super Region 4 Final:

#1 Colorado School of Mines 34 #2 Angelo State 26

National Semifinals:

Shepherd vs. Valdosta State

Ferris State vs. Colorado School of Mines

As Lion fans may be familiar with, at the Semifinal level, teams are re seeded to determine who will host. Of note, currently on the Colorado School of Mines roster is the nephew of one of the truly great Lion defensive players, Curtis Ray.

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