Welcome Back to a Legend

One of the most unnoticed, but most vital assistants to a successful not only in football, but an overall athletic program, is the strength and conditioning coach. They are vital to the preparation and success of every phase of the teams they are involved with. Quite often, they are the difference in a team’s ability to overcome fatigue and weakness, and to remain healthy and at peak efficiency throughout a demanding season.

We have been fortunate in Commerce to have one of the best. Joey Caldwell has been quite the figure in his time here, with his trademark beard, shorts and coaches shirt, no matter the enviroment. If you were witness to the playoff game in 2019 in the snow of Golden, Colorado, Caldwell was there, driving and encouraging. He’s a big reason for the continued success the Lions have enjoyed.

Every good coach has a mentor. For Joey Caldwell, it’s this man right here. Kevin Yoxall is a Lion, through and through. He’s had several stops along the way, most notably at Auburn, which is where Caldwell came under his influence. While there, Yoxall picked up a national championship, and coached, among others, Heisman Trophy winner Cam Newton. He’s also had stops at TCU, and the XFL’s Dallas Renegades.

Now a sales representative for Dynamic Sales and Fitness, Yoxall travels the country designing and selling weight room equipment, not only to various schools and teams, but to places like municipal fire departments. He’s one of the best in the business. He’s had a lot of different titles, had a lot of different stops, but today, he was back home. A Lion. Always has been, always will be.

Roar Back Here.....

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