Texas A&M-Commerce-17, Saginaw Valley State-20—-9 Thoughts

  1. A completely inexcusable loss. We should not have lost this game, and it should never have even been a close competition. It is really that simple, and even more disturbing is the fact that we had multiple chances to win it at the end despite how bad we had played and still could not find pay dirt. We got out coached overall and outplayed on offense. This is by far the worst loss I have ever seen us receive since I started covering this team in 2012. At least back then, you knew the teams the Lions facing were superior. I just have no words for how bad this loss was.
  2. Say goodbye to the playoffs, because this team is not going. Not with 3 Division II losses. The rest of this season is going to be for pride only because that is really all we have left, but then again, if that is all your playing for really going to help? Because that is all we will be playing for in the next 4 seasons is pride. So I guess we can start now. Now, is there a possibility that we could get in with 3 losses? Sure, there is a possibility that Epstein really did kill himself, or that Santa decided to retire so there won’t be a Christmas year, or that Kansas will become a Football power starting this Saturday. I really can’t tell you 100 percent, but it is in the high 90’s.
  3. The best coaching quote I have ever heard comes from Mississippi State Head Coach Mike Leach. “You are either coaching it, or allowing it to happen.” The bad habits and ad-libbing are either being coached or allowed to happen by the staff, and since I KNOW FOR A FACT that David Bailiff does not coach those habits. I also know that Bailiff has said that in his pressers that the losses are on him, and that he has got to find a way to fix things. But how does he make it sink in with his players? Does he start by benching some people? Does he start by cutting some people? Does he maybe tell his guys that playing college football, at this level and especially for this program, is a privilege and NOT a right? I have no idea what he tells his guys, but its past time to start shaking it up.
  4. This is another game where the offense lost it for the entire team. It was almost like the unit was sleep walking through the entire game and played with no sense of urgency. I almost wanted to scream at the TV set and say :”HELLO! YOU ARE LOSING TO AN UNRANKED TEAM WITH A LOSING RECORD AT HOME! GET IT IN GEAR!” The defense and special teams were tremendous. The offense was the complete opposite of tremendous. It was atrocious. The other team’s offense put up 127 total yards and YOU LOST TO THIS TEAM?! That just should not happen.
  5. Fortune Favors the Bold-Another great saying that I love. The offense had TWO CHANCES, to win this thing and just played like it was no big deal. At the end, I felt like the offense was just playing to set Jake Viquez up to tie it, when they should have been playing for the win. I knew that if we went to overtime, we would lose because SVSU had all the offensive momentum in the short field. I have never hated to be right more than I was yesterday. I felt like we were playing not to lose, and then, we lost.
  6. The Seniors-The 22 Seniors who delayed their after college lives for a shot at national championship deserve so much better than this. This season has been an absolute catastrophe and the fact that they will leave Commerce without an LSC title, or without a National Championship is really something I feel bad for this group of Seniors. Every single one of them has played hard and I feel horrible for them.
  7. Distractions-Ok, now, I am going to get into something that is just my opinion, like most of this is, but it is my opinion none the less. I fully support us going to Division I……100%. What I don’t agree with is the way it which it was done in two ways. First, I would have told the Southland Conference we needed one more year, the 2022-2023 school year to tie up loose ends and we would join them for Fall of 2023. The second thing I would have done differently is wait until AFTER Football season to make the announcement, because now, you have a panicked fan base that believes we are headed back for the early 2000’s when we were only winning 3-4 games on average on a good year. So many text messages and social media messages I got were around the lines of “We are NOT ready for Division I with this team.” “Texas Tech is the worst Power 5 school in this state and they would beat us 80 points.” I think you get the point. Also, for the players coming back, you have to account for some that will transfer after this season because they are not going to win a National title. Now, if this was something that had to be done this way, so be it, I know this much. Tim McMurray is a guy I totally trust and someone that has stewarded this department better than anyone I have seen. You have to believe that his actions were either in the best interest of the department or maybe he had no choice to make this decision in the time frame in which he did. We have all been between a rock and hard place. I also hope all these RUMORS were wrong, but sometimes when rumors gain steam you have to stop and think, maybe it was this way all along?
  8. Speaking of rumors, I want to just add this and I know that Russ and I, along with a lot of alums feel this way. As recently as 2018, we had been told there were no plans to move to Division I, because we wanted to be Best In Class in Division II. I have long resented how much outsiders, those who have nothing to do with our school, have tried to stick their noses into our affairs that stir the pot with bad information to keep people on edge and distrustful of leadership. Yesterday during the halftime show, President Rudin was asked if the A&M system would help us with this move from a financial perspective. The answer in short was no, but if there was a move to Division I, there had to be way as well as a will, and I am sure we have that and will get more clarification from the administration in due time.
  9. Final point: This has been the most pointed and opinionated set of thoughts after a game and just know this, I love my school and I want what is best for it. I have two degrees from that school along with 3 generations of graduates not including me. I want to be a part of the solution and not the problem, but there have been some things and decisions made that really make me wonder about the future. I trust most of the people making decisions and I believe that so long as they care about this program, we will be fine in the long run, but today, it is just hard to believe it will get better. I seriously hope I am wrong on that account.

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