LION U……Quarterback U?

While we are patiently waiting for the college season to begin and other professional leagues to get completely back to “normal”, Russ and I have really been taken in with other leagues that are not the NFL. One reason is that we are Cowboy fans and are used to disappointment by now, another is the needless virtue signaling coming from the NFL, but also, learning about other leagues has been fun to watch, especially in person.

Two weeks ago, Russ texted me while I was on the golf course and said that a broadcaster for a team that was playing the Frisco Fighters, the Indoor Football League team coached by Lion greats Clint Dolezel and Bob Bounds, was somewhat of a Quarterback U. They saw the success Clint had in the Indoor Game as a player and a Coach and how Bounds had started for a team in the Arena Football League. Then, the question popped into my head. Are we really a Quarterback U?

By Collegiate Standards, It simply appears so. We have had 11 All-American Quarterbacks since 1950, when All-American records started being kept for Quarterbacks in the NAIA and smaller colleges. 12 have been named First Team All-LSC since 1931, and 5 have been named best Offensive player in the Lone Star Conference since 1931, when the league started.

Also, we have had 10 Quarterbacks sign NFL free agent deals or be drafted directly into the NFL and made the rosters, and 4 Quarterbacks that have made starts in the NFL, one as recently as 1999. We have also had 4 Quarterbacks start in the Arena Football League.

So based on that alone, I think we make a strong case, let me elaborate below-


Luis Perez, AP 2017 First Team Consensus, 2016 Honorable Mention

Harrison Stewart, Football Gazette 2015 Honorable Mention

Bob Bounds, Williamson 1991 Honorable Mention

Kyle Mackey, 1982 AP Honorable Mention

Wade Wilson, 1980 NAIA Consensus First Team, 1979 NAIA Honorable Mention

Terry Skinner, 1977 NAIA Honorable Mention

John Stooksberry, 1963 Williamson Honorable Mention

James Williams, 1960 AP Honorable Mention

Sam McCord-1958 and 1959, Consensus First Team NAIA, 1957 Honorable Mention

Bobby Fox-1955 AP First Team, 1954 Honorable Mention

James Grey-1953 2nd Team All-American, 1952 & 1951 Honorable Mention

All Lone Star Conference-

First Team-

Luis Perez-2016, 2017.

Cole Cayce-1996

Bob Bounds-1990, 1991

Kyle Mackey-1982

Wade Wilson-1979, 1980

Terry Skinner-1977

Will Cureton-1972

James Williams-1960

Sam McCord-1957, 1958, 1959

Bobby Fox-1954, 1955

James Grey-1953

RA Hitt-1934

LSC Second Team-

Miklo Smalls-2019

Harrison Stewart-2015

Tyrik Rollison-2014

Terry Mayo-2007, 2008

Clint Dolezel-1992, 1993

Mike Trigg- 1985, 1988

Bruno Briones-1984

James Grey-1951, 1952.

Lone Star Conference Honorable Mention-

Kane Wilson-2018

Adam Farkes-2009

Buster Faulkner-2004

Chandler Evans-1994, 1995

Mike Meador-1991

Royce Slechta-1987

Kyle Mackey-1981

Jim Dietz-1969, 1970

Ben Kirkland-1968

John Stooksberry-1963

Professional Starting Quarterbacks-


Wade Wilson-Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys

Kyle Mackey-New York Jets, Miami Dolphins

Will Cureton-Cleveland Browns

Sam McCord-Oakland Raiders

Arena Football League-

Clint Dolezel-Dallas Desperados, Las Vegas Gladiators, Grand Rapids Rampage.

Mike Trigg-Detroit Drive

Bob Bounds-Cleveland Thunderbolts

Kyle Mackey-Albany Thunderbirds


Luis Perez-New York Guardians (XFL), Birmingham Iron (AAF), TSL Jousters (TSL)

Deric Davis-Fort McMurray Monarchs (Alberta Football League)-AFL Rookie of the Year in 2017.

When you look at the Lion football program, it’s success and the fact so much of it has been done in the face of tough conferences, tougher opponent, being underfunded, and sometimes even flat ignored, it is amazing to see what has come out of Commerce.

So, I put this resume against ANYONE’s, from FBS to NAIA and JUCO’s.

Texas A&M-Commerce, Quarterback U.

One thought on “LION U……Quarterback U?

  1. Rite on target!! I played with Wade in 1980… super humble and all around great person!!!!
    Jimmy Porter
    #28 ETSU 1980

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