100 Days, 100 Reasons: What Makes College Football Great

Greetings, Lion fans! Today marks 100 days until the opener of the 2021 football season in Pueblo, Colorado, against the Thunderwolves of CSU-Pueblo, a very difficult opponent for the Lions in recent memory.

Today, though, we’re taking a look at college football overall, and what makes it the great game that it is. Going forward, Brian or I will publish a daily reason until the opener September 2nd. However, we welcome and encourage your participation. Please feel free to message either of us with what makes you happy about the upcoming season. That reason doesn’t have to be A&M-Commerce related. Any school, any level of play. All input is welcome.

With that being said, here goes:

#100: TRADITION- One of the cornerstones of college football. Unlike the pro game, which changes from week to week with certain promotions, and players moving from team to team at an even faster pace than in college. Winning season or losing one, certain things and activities never change. We certainly have many great and proud traditions in Texas. In Lubbock, it’s the Victory Bell, and the Masked Rider. In Austin, it’s Bevo in the end zone and Big Bertha. In Waco, it’s the Baylor Line charging the field. In College Station, it’s the roar of the crowd of over 100K that is the 12th Man, with Reveille. It’s also the walk across campus in Commerce on a perfect fall day, taking in the smells of the best small school tailgate in the country, visiting with old friends.

Looking further around the country, traditons are always there. In Norman, Oklahoma, it’s the Sooner Schooner. In Baton Rouge, it’s the pounding on the metal bleachers on a Saturday night, with Mike the Tiger close by. In Oxford, Mississippi, it’s a walk through The Grove. At Florida State, it’s Chief Osceola and a flaming spear. Touching the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign in South Bend. Smokey and the Vol Navy in Knoxville. Dotting the “I” in Columbus, Ohio.

No matter the location, no matter the level of play, one thing that fans of college football can hold onto is tradition.

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