Greetings, Lion fans, just when things were getting a little quiet around Commerce, America……

Just as Brian and I had mentioned before, don’t ever go to sleep on Lion AD Tim McMurray. Pulling another rabbit out of what seems a never ending magic hat full of them, McMurray has struck again. On the surface, things, do not seem much different. There are the full slate of eleven games with the addition of one the the best in the RMAC, and a thorn in the Lions paw in recent memory, Colorado State-Pueblo, a solid program from the GLIAC, Saginaw Valley State, and a new member of the NAIA, the University of Fort Lauderdale, a fifth year program, along with the normal Lone Star Conference foes, but when one looks a little closer…….

The big announcement that came out of the release of the 2021 schedule was the news that the Lions traditional rival, Midwestern State, will play the Lions at Globe Life Park in Arlington in 2021 and 2022. (For some of us baseball traditionalists, it will always be the Ballpark in Arlington). If you have never been fortunate to see any of the local D/FW high school regular season or playoff games there, in addition to several local and regional college games, then you are in for a real treat. Despite what was originally a 45K plus size stadium, there is a real intimate feel, and great sightlines. The noise is really amplified, and with the amount of Lion alumni in the area, there is a real chance that The Ballpark could very well turn into Ernest Hawkins Field West.

Stay tuned, we’ll have a preseason breakdown on Saginaw Valley State this weekend, and as soon as more information becomes available, we’ll have a analysis of the Eagles from Florida as well.

In the past, I know there have been questions by some fans and readers on the strength of schedule, and I would like to address that here. Every team has a so called “cupcake” on their schedule. Everyone. Alabama has a Citadel or Western Carolina. Texas A&M has played Sam Houston State in the past and are scheduled to play Tarleton State in 2025, and Tarleton will play TCU in 2022. This is no different. Fort Lauderdale is a fifth year program, and have advanced from a club level sport to NAIA membership. On the surface, a solid program. This is NOT Seleccion Nuevo Leon part 2. Something that a lot of people do not understand about the NL game is that was NOT a school that we were playing. We were not actually playing Monterrey Tech or Universidad Nuevo Leon. What we got was a bunch of 18-19 year old kids who had never played together and who were thrown together to play and practice for about 3 weeks, then came to Commerce and got drubbed. That would be the equivalent of a bunch of High School Seniors and College Freshman putting a select team together that had not played a down of college football, much less having actually played together, having them learn an offense and defense for less than a month and then expecting them to open up with Alabama at Bryant-Denny Stadium. Chances are, that is what the result would look like. If you doubt me, watch this video of highlights from 2015 when The UANL Autenticos Tigres went to Belton and took down perennial Division III power Mary Hardin-Baylor 24-20. This is the school we scheduled before they backed out. Link-

It’s time to get excited, Lion fans. Spring Game 2 is in a little over two weeks. There’s a lot to look forward to, see how the younger players have progressed, and hopefully get a look at some of the first and second teamers.

We’re almost there, Lion fans. Closer to a new normal. It may be a new normal, but it’s something.

{Note: I would like to offer my personal apologies for the lack of information coming out recently. Like most of you, I’m sure, the COVID pandemic has affected me as well . Last year at this time, I was furloughed from my regular job, and started drawing unemployment benefits. That’s a hard thing to do. In September, it became a permanent layoff. At times, job prospects were bleak, as well as my hopes. Motivation was a tough thing. Fortunately, I have been able to find work in my field, and things are looking up for the first time in a year. I would like to thank Brian for always listening, people like Tim McMurray, Taylor Phelps, Blake Cooper, and Joe Spinato, for always being a friend. It meant a lot.)

Roar Back Here.....

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