Minor Quarantine: All Star 2-Deep Squad.

Just a little more quarantine fun. The only qualification to make this team is to have been a teammate of mine at East Texas State. Each guy will have the year they played labeled. That means players who roamed the Hawk between 88-92. This is strictly my picks. Again we will do it two-deep style with a Blue (1st team) and Gold (2nd team) squad so here it is.

Let’s start with the Blue defense first:
DE/OLB- Terry Bagsby(90), Fred Woods (92)
TNT- Duane Hicks(92), Micah Haley(91), Gary Devaughn(88)
ILB- Mike Ciszewski(88), Terrance Tolliver(92)
CB- Eric Turner(92), Pat Williams(92), Kevin Mathis(92-The kid was special as a Redshirt Freshman)
S- Curtis Buckley(92), Jimmy Hooker(91)

Now the Gold Defense:
DE/OLB- Kit Morton(89), Lance Hyder(90)
TNT- Kevin Oblander(91), Jarobi Nelson(92), Lee Hucklebridge(88)
ILB- Chad Turner(90), Rod “Bo” Lee(90)
CB- Joe Brookins(91), Aaron Muelstein(88), Frank Roberts(90)
S- Kerry Shelton(88), Finis Turner(91)

Blue Team Offense:
QB- Bobby Bounds(91)
RB- Gary Perry(91), David Chapman(91)
WR- Gary Compton(90), Anthony Brooks(92), Billy Minor(92)
TE- Aaron Postert(92)
T- Dewayne Phorne(91), Earl Bell(92)
G- Joseph Showell(91), Don Madden(90)
C- Jim White(91)

Gold Team Offense:
QB- Clint Dolezel(92), Mike Trigg(88)
RB- Michael Hightower(92), Jarrod Owens(90), Willie Mozeke(91)
WR- Jeff Dotie(88), Eddie Tennison(91), Brian Harp(91)
TE- Alan Webb(92)
T- Allen Roulette(88), Steve Sellers(88)
G- David Gaskamp(91), Eric Herrick(92)
C- John Varnell(89)

Special Teams:
K- Billy Watkins(92)
P- Cubby Gillingwater (92)


Head Coach: Eddie Vowell
Defensive Coordinator: Mark Copeland
Offensive Coordinator: Tinker Ratliff

Again these were guys who I played with from 88-92. My all-time 2 deep of teammates. 15 of these guys are in our school Hall of Fame with possibly more to come. I think it’s a pretty solid lineup.

One thought on “Minor Quarantine: All Star 2-Deep Squad.

  1. Do you have pictures of the 1988 season and individual pictures and team pictures it would be very appropriate… Bobby Ray Harris #81 ETSU…. lose to Oklahoma Cameron University for the long star conference championship

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