The Morning Wire: January 15th

A couple of days late but we have some hoops and some improvements to The Hawk to discuss. Let’s get to it.

Women’s Hoops-

New polls are at that have the Lion Women at # 4 in the country. They pushed their record to 15-0 after a 72-54 drubbing of Texas A&M-Kingsville. The Lions are still firmly in first place in their division and face off against Arkansas-Fort Smith this evening in Commerce and then face off against Oklahoma Christian on Saturday. This team has been pedal to the metal from the first game and really no team has slowed them down. There are two games to look forward to that are outside of the Division, but are Lone Star Conference teams. Lubbock Christian is the number 1 team in the country and they visit Commerce January 30th, followed by an always strong West Texas A&M team on February 22nd in the final home game of the year. Those games will be strong tests and measuring sticks for how good this team will be.

Men’s Hoops-

The Lion Men had a rough Saturday in Kingsville to drop their record to 10-5 overall, but are still in first place in their Division in the conference. Like their Women counterparts, they face Arkansas-Fort Smith this evening in Commerce and host Oklahoma Christian on Saturday. The Lion Men are in fourth place overall with 10 wins and have some stiff tests coming. February 1st a very tough Angelo State squad visits Commerce while a tough and top 10 ranked West Texas squad visits Commerce on the 22nd as well. This conference has gotten tougher in just about every sport with the addition of the former Hearthland Conference schools in addition to the good schools that are already in the LSC.

Stadium Upgrades-


The athletic department announced this picture above, will be a reality by the start of the  2020 Football season. There was a time when the current video board that sits at the Hawk was large by most standards, but everyone is trying to outdo everyone else in size, and this video board is the stuff that attracts recruits and brings high school teams to Commerce to play playoff games, which adds revenue to the school’s athletic department. Now, I know there are a lot of people who are saying we need to just knock the stadium down and build a brand new one. First, that is not a feasible idea, and two that would require an off campus stadium. Russell will be writing an article in the next few days that will state the case to keep The Hawk where it is, but what can be done to enhance it and keep the on campus experience and tradition of the stadium alive.



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