Minor Thoughts…Round 1 Playoffs

Well fellow here we are again in a familiar place. For the 5th straight season we are in the post season. Another foe who we have faced before. The conference champs from Tarleton State who are headed for bigger and greener pastures next season in Division I. There is really not much to add to this as we have now officially started the playoffs.

This is a really good game for our Lions. We came out here a month or so ago and played about as bad as we could and still had chances to win. That very well may be a blessing in disguise…hear me out. If we came out there prior and won then they would be extra excited about having a rematch. With them winning prior sometimes a team gets a little bit more full of themselves and overconfident which leads to them taking that same opponent not so seriously the second time around. They know that they can win because they did it before and think that if they just show up it will happen. Our Lions, however have nothing to lose. If we clean up those uncharacteristic mistakes from the prior meeting then this team is beatable. Tarleton also won’t have the gimmicky calls they normally have gotten from the LSC referee crews. We are both on a clean slate and that favors the Lions.

There will be other factors as well. Injuries this time of year can devastate a team. Our depth has been tested all year and we have passed that with flying colors. We will see if TSU can say the same. Keep Smalls upright. The line has to give him time and hold off the great rush of the TSU line. Protect the ball. No turnovers. Skill guys have to be playmakers. Make the catches and break free a couple times. Those guys think they are already screwed since they had their top seed taken from them. They wanted a bye and hopefully we will come out and give them a permanent one from DII. The Lions will be happy to see fans packed inside Memorial Stadium in Stephenville and even more proud to send the Texans to DI with a backyard “L”. #seeyouatthehawk

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