Minor Thoughts…Regular Season Finale

Well fellow Lions, here we are upon the brink of the final regular season game of the 2019 season. We want a lot more though. Only way to make sure we get more is for our Lions to go out to San Angelo and bring home a victory against one of our long time rivals. This ASU squad is somewhat reeling after succumbing to ENMU last week in a tough loss while the Lions were in cruise control during an easy win in the home finale. The Rams are squarely backed into an inescapable corner. You could say a dangerous corner because the only for sure way they get out is with a win against the Lions. So lets take a closer look at the game changing factors.

The Ramsey injury is concerning to me. I would feel a lot more comfortable if I knew for sure he was gonna be returning kicks and roaming in the secondary. The Rams are no pushover. This program is on the cusp of an arrival. They struggled for a while but have now put themselves back into respectability with better recruiting and improved coaching. If the Lions perform to their abilities then they will keep the Rams right there sitting on the cusp. There will be at least 1 team in our region that makes the playoffs with 3 losses. Lets hope that one team is between ASU and a host of others battling it out.

Playoffs? What you talking about playoffs for you ask. That is exactly were we at. Our playoffs started a few weeks back in reality but officially the brackets will be announced Sunday afternoon. After the loss to Tarleton though we have been on thin ice with having to only make one small mistake and the ice would break and we would be left in the cold for sure. But leading this group of fighters is a QB who has looked brilliant this season. Smalls is doing an excellent job. Our team, including Smalls, has made some mistakes this year that have been costly. Having a kid like Smalls and the depth we have has put the Lions in the spot they are now. Injuries have ravished this team but Coach Bailiff has been excellent in the “next man up” strategy and that goes to having the right kids in the right place being prepared just in case. Great job by the him and the staff.

Tomorrow can be labeled as statement day. If a statement is made it will be heard this year. We could possibly increase our standings as well. The selection committee has not always been favorable to us in the past but we have an extended resume over the last few years that cannot be ignored so we should be in pretty good shape. However I wouldn’t want to give those committee members any doubt about our team by not performing to our best Saturday. It’s pretty simple. Go to ASU. Take the WIN…and bring it home! They are very capable of doing it and I know that we, as fans, expect nothing less. But the guys still have go do it. No stupid penalties…Secure the ball…catch the passes… and bring home the win…Easy huh? Tune in Saturday…

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