# 20 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-21, # 4 Tarleton State Texans-35-Five Morning After Thoughts.

  1. Overall-A game we could have won, but made too many mistakes to win. If you were reading the pressers, you would have thought the Lions should have not have even bothered making the trip before the game. Afterwards was different. Despite losing, something we have only done 18 times in the past 7 seasons, we played hard for 60 full minutes. The execution left a lot to be desired, but the effort was there. Also, Tarleton is a good team. No, they are a very good team. A lot of things went wrong but we kept swinging. That counts for something.
  2. Offense-Moved the ball well between the 20’s, and sputtered in the red zone. Really, that is all I can say. 3 drives ended with nothing that should have scored touchdowns. That has to improve. Effort was there, execution, not so much.
  3. Defense-Overall, it was a mixed bag. Tarleton got the big play that kept drives going, but at other times, the Lions made some big plays on defense and showed the Texans they were not going to be a team that was going to run away from a challenge. The deep ball has killed us this year. Need to look at film and see how to prevent that.
  4. Special teams-Very well and absolutely no complaints. Every time Dominique Ramsey touched the ball, Tarleton held their breaths. Nothing to complain about here and a great onside kick to help keep us in the game.
  5. Going Forward-We have 4 regular season games left. Next week is homecoming and a chance to plunge forward with a big win. Regional Rankings will be coming out soon and we will get a look at what it takes to get into the playoffs. It will be a hard stretch till the very end, but all games can and should be won. Two tough road games are left heading to Canyon and then San Angelo to finish the season. Playoffs are the goal from here on out. We have two quality losses to quality teams on the road and 5 good wins. All we can do is win out and hope the voters see that we are better than # 20 in the country.

Roar Back Here.....

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