# 20 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-54, Midwestern State Mustangs-28—–5 Morning After Thoughts.

First off, I appreciate all the people who checked in on me yesterday. I have been sick this entire week as it was my last week off work before I started my new job (figures). I thought I was feeling up to going but last night I was just wiped out and woke up Saturday Morning just not feeling it. I needed to rest and got a good rest and was able to live blog. I hated missing the game, but props to my cohorts Russ and B.Minor for making sure I got what I needed. This is a total team effort in what we do. Now onto the game.

  1. Overall-A very satisfying win. MSU has been a thorn in our paws for years now as Russel and Billy wrote earlier. I mean, when it comes down to it, this is just a good old fashioned hateful rivalry, and it feels amazing to kick the other team’s butt and do it on National Television. That has not happened in this series in a long time on either side, but it happened this year, and we were the ones that inflicted the blowout. That feels great to say.
  2. Offense-By far the best game the Lions have played this year on that side of the ball. No drive killing penalties and really just a well called plan by OC Billy Reibock. There were some throws that were so wide open because the execution of the game plan was just so good. Miklo Smalls…..man he just keeps bringing his A game every week. The Receivers played well and the Running Backs stepped in and did their jobs very effectively, but I would have to hand the game ball to the offensive line. They were spectacular tonight. Nobody gives them a lot of credit because O-Line is not a sexy position, but it is very important, and tonight, they get credit for every one of those 54 points put up on the scoreboard. So many skill guys made so many plays tonight and that is something to really be excited about.
  3. Defense-Overall not bad. The run defense was great and getting pressure on an inexperienced QB was good, but there were way too many explosive plays being made or almost being made. That has to purge itself or next week will be very ugly as Tarleton does have big play potential. Dominique Ramsey was huge tonight with his 2 picks to go along with overall play on offense and special teams. It was tough losing a starter to a targeting penalty (don’t get me started on that) but the unit overall did their jobs. They got big stops and caused turnovers and put pressure on MSU. Really all you can ask for.
  4. Special teams-Congrats to Jake Viquez who helped set a record for a school in his young career for most PAT’s made without a miss. Most of that work was Kristov Martinez, but Jake had to finish it off and he did. Dominique Ramsey was just showing the nation why he is the most dangerous return guy in the country and almost broke a couple. Average coverage on punts and kickoffs which I am sure will be a point of emphasis going on, and Andrew Gomez kept up with his great punting also.
  5. Going Forward: At this point in the season, we know what we are and what we have. We also know that next Saturday is the Lone Star Conference Championship game. It is that simple. We play Tarleton State for the final time as an LSC foe before they head to their greener pastures in Division I. It is the final time to play for the President’s Cup, the final time for a long time rival, and really a time to see how good this team really is. Celebrate this one tonight, but we have to get ready for next week. So much rides on one game as we return to Stephenville to take on our A&M system rival, and it is very simple. Win it, and control your own destiny not only in the LSC title hunt, but in the playoff seeding and a chance to say to Tarleton; “Eternal Scoreboard.” We only get one shot, so we have to make it count. See you all in Stephenville next Saturday.

How the rest of the LSC Fared-

Western Oregon-26, Texas A&M-Kingsville-14 (that win over the Wolves is looking better and better)

Tarleton State-49, Eastern New Mexico-10

West Texas A&M-14, Texas-Permian Basin-10

Angelo State-31, Western New Mexico-14

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