Minor Thoughts…Week 5

What a heartbreaking day we had last Saturday. But guess who cares? Nobody. Especially our beloved friends to the south who we pay a visit to this weekend…the TAMU-K Javelinas(or the Little Piggies as I affectionately refer to them as.)

The Little Piggies have struggled thus far this season. But a win against a ranked team would do them some good in turning things around. We had a hiccup. Thankfully it’s one we can recover from. The margin for error though is ever so slight now though as we took a huge drop in the rankings.

We need a big win in this one. I know I know. We had a lot of injuries you say. Well everyone does at this point. I bragged last week about not being a team that beats themselves and well…we went out and pretty much beat ourselves. Costly unnecessary and untimely penalties where just as much to blame as the guys in stripes but enough of that mess. Let’s move on.

The Little Piggies present an opportunity for us to get the ship back going in the right direction. We had a very sound defensive game and should build on that. Offensively we have to be capable of establishing the running game in order to have a balanced attack. Dropped passes kill drives also and can lead to picks so we have to make sure to secure the ball. Smalls does an excellent job of getting the ball to some very good receivers…they have to catch them.

This game provides a great chance to get it right. We are not good enough to get automatic wins, especially against long time rivals like the Piggies. No looking ahead. Our work is laid out in front of us. Forget the blip in Colorado this is a well coached team with a great team of leaders. Coach Bailiff will have a much better version on display Saturday. I wouldn’t expect to see nothing less. Nothing is scarier than having a hungry Lion standing before you…especially if you are a little piggie… #seeyouatthehawk

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