Midweek Minor Thoughts…week 4

Big game ahead for our Lions as they go to Colorado to attempt to avenge a loss from last season. A few thoughts to close out last week first though. Great job against a very good ENMU team. Our QB Smalls is the real deal. Special teams is still very special…and once our defense puts a complete game together…watch out!

Smalls is not only a smart intelligent QB, but also extremely efficient. Not since Luis Perez from the National Championship season have we seen such efficiency at the QB spot. I know, I know…that was only 2 years ago, but this kid seems like another special player to me. He makes all the right decisions and at this level with everything happening around you, that is hard to do.

We all know Ramsey is the best return man in DII. But there is more to special teams than having a great return man and our kicker, punter and coverage teams do excellent work also. Remember how important special teams was during the championship run? We are approaching that level.

In preparation for a offense like ENMU runs you have to teach totally different than you would for a traditional offense. Coach Bailiff did an excellent job getting the defense ready for them. After the opening drive which can always tend to submit to a feeling out process the defense did an excellent job of shutting down a powerful running team. A couple late scores made it seem a little closer than what it actually was. This is one of the most experienced defenses we have had in a long time. Yet thru 2 official games we have not seen a complete shutdown type effort that I feel they are capable of. I think this could be the week that they put it together for 4 quarters and if I am correct…it’s a wrap.

Alas I want to say that this team is a very well coached one. Coach Bailiff has done a wonderful job thus far. We haven’t had those undisciplined personal foul penalties nor the unforced illegal procedures like we had in the warm up game against our friends from the south. It’s very comforting to feel that these kids will give 100% effort and are not gonna beat themselves. Their confidence will keep growing and at this rate, we will be back at the top.

This is a fun team to watch. They have playmakers galore and are quickly figuring things out. We need to run the ball better but everything else is showing to be approaching championship level. You do not want to miss this friends. I still haven’t met or talked to Coach Bailiff yet but you can go ahead and mark me down as a fan. Everything I have seen about him and all the interviews I have seen definitely impress me. The type of man I would have loved to play for. Heck if he had asked, a few of my old teammates and myself would have went and took a took a couple of snaps against the team from Mexico to avoid putting our guys in harm’s way…ok maybe not.


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