Mid-Week Minor Thoughts…Week 2

So here we are…basically at week 1 again. We can really learn more about our Lions this week. Good thing about week 1 was no major injuries against a team that was clearly no where close to our level. Anyone that saw the game knew that 83 points was going easy on them but we did need some work.

Now on to Western Oregon who was handled pretty easily Thursday night by conference foe Angelo State. This should be a much better measuring stick of how good we will be. Lots of penalties last week was very disheartening and hopefully that issue has taken care of itself with a little prodding from Coach Bailiff and the staff.

I feel that we showed a very balanced attack last week and it could be critical to our future success. The run game looked very solid and there is talent all over the receiving Corp. I’d like to see an attack that says to the defense hey…you gonna have to give up something…and we take advantage of that. Quarterback play will be crucial. The offensive line play always plays a vital role in this type of scheme as well.

Defense has left very little doubt on the other hand. It is fast and ferocious and will carry us early on as the O continues to find itself. Discipline, obedience and execution are critical factors necessary to bring a W home from Oregon. If we are solid in all three factors it will be a very big W…maybe not to the tune of 83-0 but a 40 point win would be well within reach with a “statement made” type effort. Everyone tune in and enjoy and as always… #seeyouatthehawk

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