Texas A&M-Commerce-83, Seleccion Nuevo Leon-0-The Morning After

Here are 5 thoughts on a pretty uneventful game.

  1. First, I wanted to give enormous props to our institution for the way we accommodated our guests from Mexico. From flying Mexican flags on the stadium grandstand, to the Sigma Chi Fraternity respectfully holding a Mexican flag up, to the respect our fans showed when the Mexican national anthem was beautifully sung before the game. For those fans who do not know, My wonderful Mom was born in Mexico and moved to the United States when she was 14. I have family in the Mexico City area and also on the Mexican gulf coast area as well. It meant a lot to me that even though I am proud red blooded American, I have some green and red that runs in my blood too, and I could not be prouder of the way our team and fans treated our visitors.
  2. Now, to the game, starting with offense. A lot of players got to play due to the lopsided score. The first drive was sloppy and full of penalties, but as the game went on, the team relaxed and had no problem scoring and that was mainly due to short fields. What I was able to see more of was the Lions being in the shotgun more than what I thought we would be, and that very well may change, but it was nice to see power football at times and tight end seam plays. Next week will give us more of a check to see what we have.
  3. Defense earned that shutout, and from the first play set the tone. The Lion defense was fast, hard hitting, and created a ton of turnovers. Some of that may had to do with poor ball security from UNL, but the absolute physicality of the defense and playmaking was something I hoped to see and was glad to see. Again, next week and certainly in two weeks we will see what the defense is truly capable of.
  4. Special teams created some true havoc on kickoffs and punts. The kicking game was something I was truly concerned about, and the first PAT attempt didn’t ease my concern, but then Jake Viquez got his toe into the rest of his kicks and turns out the Rockwall native does have a very strong leg as I had been told, and I see him getting better and better the rest of the season. We really did not get a chance to see punting, so I am curious to see that.
  5. This coming week we will see the Lions take a trip to the Pacific Northwest to face off against Western Oregon. The Wolves were taken down against LSC foe Angelo State 45-20, so this game will raise the bar to see where the Lions are before returning back to Commerce in 2 weeks to face Eastern New Mexico.

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