BREAKING: Lions to play Universidad Nuevo Leon to open season.

Hat tip to Russell, who always seems to get this stuff.

American Football South of the Border is coming to Commerce, America.

The Lions will have a home game to open the season on September 7 at Ernest Hawkins Field at Memorial Stadium, as they will host the Nuevo Leon Universidad Tigres (translation: Nuevo Leon University Tigers) football team.

I will be doing a write up shortly, but I can tell you this, this WILL NOT BE a repeat of the UFaith Florida Game.

Nuevo Leon is one of the best Universities in Mexico and also has won their Major National College Football Championship 5 times and as recently as 2012, and has finished as runner up four other times.

Both their program and school are elite, and have many international students that attend University there. Hat tip Tim McMurray for getting this game on the schedule.

More info to come later.


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