The Times, They are a Changin’…..


Greetings, Lion fans, and welcome to the off season. It’s just under 100 days until the 2019 football season starts, but it is by no means quiet in Commerce, America.

Athletic Director Tim McMurray recently announced two major improvements to The Hawk. First is a new artificial turf field, which will be in place prior to the season. In what is a major surprise to Lion fans, the giant lion head, the largest logo in all of college football is going away. In it’s place will be a similar symbol, but only stretching to each 44 yard line. According to McMurray, there would be an additional cost of $65,000 dollars to the renovation. This phase of  the project has been accelerated due to wear and tear on the current surface.

In an interview with The Wire, McMurray stated, “I understand why the decision to have such a large logo when the previous turf was installed. Our brand expansion and success on the field has strengthened our position.”  The money saved, therefore, is going into the best quality turf that can be bought. “It is important for us to provide the best surface to ensure the health, safety, and well being of our athletes.” McMurray stated.

The turf is not the only new addition. a 7,800 square foot addition to the current locker rooms is slated to begin in the near future.

Change is never easy, but time marches on. For example, no one more than the staff here at The Wire would have loved to have Colby Carthel be our head coach for the foreseeable future, but it was not meant to be. We are fortunate to have David Bailiff and his outstanding staff here. It’s an exciting time to be a Lion.

Noticeable in the 2019 schedule is that there are only 10 games. The Lions open at Western Oregon September 14th, and do not have a home game until the following weekend, the 21st. Why? The Lions are that good. A Division III or a lower rung Division II team can’t be scheduled, simply because, they don’t want what is sure to be a loss on their record. Many of the teams in the Lone Star Conference do not play football. The Lions, it seems, are a victim of their own success.

The future is bright, indeed. There are changes coming, ones the look to make the appearance of the stadium and game day experience better for the fans.

95 days can’t go by fast enough. See you at The Hawk


Roar Back Here.....

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