Lady Lion Softball-More Than Athletes


Greetings, Lion Fans..normally, when you see one of my columns, it’s usually focusing on some aspect of Lion football. Today, though, I wanted to shine a light in a different area, the women of the Lady Lion softball team.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see them play, and I admit, I haven’t, then you should. Richie Brister’s team has compiled an outstanding 35-10 record this year, ranked 8th in the country, and 2nd in the South Central region. They are in a real position to challenge for a national title.

These ladies work very hard, often out of the spotlight. They will never draw the tens of thousands that fill The Hawk on Saturday afternoons in the fall. Should they advance further in the playoffs, they won’t garner the national attention that the football or basketball teams might. They certainly deserve to.

These ladies are so much more than athletes. This came to my attention last fall during the national semifinal in football when my family and I had gotten reserved seats. I noticed these young ladies circulating back and forth, taking concession orders, and then delivering them. I thought it may have been a special situation involving the playoffs.

Until this past season with the home opener against A&M-Kingsville. There they were again. It turns out this is a regular service they provide. I was impressed to say the least.

They were there, from the unbearable heat of the early season, to the freezing temps that always happen at the end. They were there during the torrential downpour of the Colorado State Pueblo. The coffee is always hot, the sodas always icy cold, and the food orders are spot on. There’s always a smile and a pleasant demeanor. They do use these opportunities to promote their team. And they do a great job at it.

Thank you for what you do, ladies, both on the field and off. You deserve every bit of support, and wishes for success. You are so much more than just athletes.

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