5 Minor Thoughts… Playoffs Round 2, Thanksgiving Edition

Well Lion fans it is that time again. As we prepare for another shot at Tarleton let’s be thankful we are in this position. Let’s get to it.

First thought…well let me first say there is nothing like being with your teammates for Thanksgiving. It first off means your team is pretty good if you are still playing. After the 90 and 91 seasons where we played past Turkey day I felt lonely in my last season of 92…just didn’t feel right. I would have been happy to spend every Thanksgiving with my football brothers.

Second thought…we have a very good opportunity. Tarleton is a tough team but so was the undefeated Minnesota one last week. Overconfidence can be a killer, especially when you already beat a team. But beating a very good team twice in one season is a really hard thing to do. Pitt State won the 91 title and had only 1 loss…to ETSU. But they won the game that mattered in the playoffs against us and rolled everyone else in the process. Now it’s our turn.

Third thought…we have the football Gods on our side. You see before the playoffs started I was kinda down on the team because of our offensive flaws. I didn’t see a very deep playoff run as my compadres did. But the matchups we have on the road to repeat are all favorable, especially for this team. We know that we are more than capable of beating Tarleton and even the next round if it turns out to be another chance at redemption of the other loss. One week at a time though.

Fourth thought…we only win this game if we can beat them and not ourselves, again. We don’t have to be perfect but we cannot turn the ball over and get the amount of penalties we accrued in the first matchup. I’ve said all season we have a championship caliber defense and special teams. Those things can win a title by themselves as long as the offense doesn’t get in the way and handles their business. Efficiency is what we need on that side of the ball.

Final thought…the Lions have a tough task ahead of them but they are more than capable. I think back to last year after the game in Washington were no one other than us felt we had a shot, especially after falling behind. It just seemed like it was divine intervention as we did the impossible and nothing was gonna stop those Lions. We are at that point again. Even if we don’t start out like we need to don’t count these guys out. They will not stop. There is nothing tougher than defending a championship, except maybe beating a damn good team twice in the same season. Tarleton gets to find out firsthand Saturday afternoon. Show up and be a witness to the greatness about to occur.

Roar Back Here.....

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