Minor Thoughts…Winning on the Road in the Playoffs

Tonight we will take a walk down memory lane and discuss what it took to win on the road at Grand Valley State in 1990 during our inaugural NCAA playoff appearance. Let’s get to it.

Leadership is a must. There must be guys you can always count on leading the way. HOFers Bagsby Compton and Bounds led the way in 90 and all had big time moments against GVSU.

Discipline football has to rule the day. Keep mistakes and penalties to a minimum as you can’t beat yourself on the road. Win the turnover battle and take advantage of your opponent mistakes. Make them pay.

Avoid the outside interference. It’s gonna be cold. We know it now and we knew back then. Don’t act surprised when you get to Minnesota in November and the temperature is below freezing. We have played in deterrent weather all season so this will be no different. We still have to execute the plays and make things happen. Play with confidence. Their crowd will be rowdy and raucous more than likely so we must eliminate their role early on by taking control of the game early and minimize their ability to effect the game.

Have a winning game plan. This coaching staff has proven to be astute every year in preparing for the opponent’s. Look no further than the absolutely huge road wins last year at some of the toughest places in DII. As we saw during the regular season this year no one is gonna simply roll over because we show up but as I’ve also stated before, there is nothing tougher in football than defending a championship. Expect every team’s top effort. Last week saw as close to a complete game as we have had this year. It is time to continue to have peak performances.

Our work is laid out in front of us but we are more than capable of achieving our goal. We won’t catch anyone off guard this year but we can still flex our Lion Power. Ground and pound early to set up the play action. All we have to do is execute enough to score one more point than the opponent. We left Michigan in 90 having scored 3 more and lived to fight another week. I expect this squad to leave Minnesota in the same fashion with a chance to fight another week.

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