# 14 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-41, Angelo State Rams-13—5 Post Game Thoughts.

  1. This was the game we had been waiting for all year. Not perfect, but a well played full 4 quarters where you offense played well, defense played as well, and no stupid mistakes were made. All 3 sides of the ball played very well, again, not perfect, but very well. Best game we have played all year against good competition. The life of our season was at stake, and rather than playing timidly, this team went for the throat and made a statement victory.
  2. The defense. What can I say other than Championship level. Of the 13 points scored, all were due to turnovers that led to immediate scores. Angelo did not drive the field one time to get points. Zip, zero, nada. 243 total yards of offense, and Angelo had scored a lot of points this season. This defense is perhaps one of the best in school history, and Dominique Ramsey really put the cherry on top with his 99 yard interception return. Scott Power’s crew has been a complete lifesaver this season, but in this game, all they needed to do was play up to their potential and they did that.
  3. The offense played their best game tonight, no doubt. Take away two ill advised throws, and the game was next to perfect. Kane Wilson really looked confident and in command of the offense and made some really good throws. Ovie Urevbu was just fantastic running the ball and the balance of 221 passing yards and 230 rushing was perfect for creating an offensive game plan that made Angelo wonder what was coming and who was going to make the play. Loved the game plan and how it was executed. You also saw things like the slip and tunnel screens work and open up the middle of the field, and Angelo had to defend the entire field, something they could not do.
  4. Special teams….congrats to Kristov Martinez who hit a career long 52 yard field goal and what a great kick it was. The coverage was great on both kickoff and punts. Tristan Perry was golden punting the ball and I have just been so impressed with how he has continued to thrive as a punter, and Dominique Ramsey just made great and smart plays to help get the Lions in good field position.
  5. Finally, I have to tip my hat to this team for all that has happened to this team, there is still a 9-2 team that is headed back to the NCAA Division II playoffs. Many teams would have folded under the same circumstances. Not this team. Will they make a run in the playoffs? Maybe? Can they do it? Based on this game, the answer is a certain yes.

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