No Plans For Saturday? You Have Some Now….

As everyone knows, it is time for our annually ranked slugfest with the hated Mustangs of Midwestern State. This game became bigger than big after the Lions loss to Colorado State-Pueblo 2 weeks ago, but a game on the road where the Lions face a top 5 team that they have beaten only once in the past 6 games calls for something special, something different.

Lion fans, lets step up and get our tails out to Wichita Falls Saturday night.

Now, I understand, Some of you have prior reservations. Some have family commitments  or maybe just need to take a personal day because that is all you have, I get that, and I consider those plans more important than any Football game, but if you don’t, then hear me out.

Teams that win National Championships have a lot of fans, and those fans follow their team wherever they go. This is not a flight to Central Washington or a Drive to Canyon, this a 100-130 mile trip at most to support a team and a staff that is preparing to play the biggest game of the year. Show up. Be there. Because they need us, and we need them.

Almost a month ago I took a new job that has been mentally taxing on me. It has really worn me down and raised a lot of questions as to whether or not I can do this job at a high level, and it is easy to get down…….until I think about Saturday. For on that day, I will take my car up Interstate 35 to Highway 287 and then, for 6-8 brief hours, life will be better, because I will be with my Lion family cheering them on. No office, no meetings, no studying for securities markets tests, just wanting one thing…..a win over Midwestern State.

Waiting for them and us in Wichita Falls will be that rascal of a head coach Bill Maskill, at least 10-12,000 rabid fans, and a team full of confidence because of their season record and their record against us. We need to counter that with a big showing. Many people have already told me they are going. When our guys look behind them Saturday night in that Northwest Texas sky, they need to see a ton of blue and gold behind them.

So, get the cars ready, fill up late Friday or early Saturday. Get on your National Championship appeal, paint the kiddo’s faces with Blue and Gold, wear throwback ET gear, honk at cars as you go up 287 or out west on 82 that have Commerce regalia on it. Let that town know the Lions are coming to town.

And Let them know we are coming there to win.

Call us whatever you want, ET, Commerce, Lions, we are the DEFENDING NATIONAL CHAMPIONS. As fans, let’s act like it. The coaches and the team last year gave us a ride that some of us never thought we would see again, it is our turn to give them a night of support they will never forget, who knows, it might be the difference in the game.

Saturday Night, 7 PM, Wichita Falls Memorial Stadium.

See You All Saturday.

Roar Back Here.....

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