# 9 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions VS. Lockhaven University Bald Eagles-5 Pre Game Thoughts.

  1. This will be a test to see how the Lions respond to adversity. This team had not lost a game at home in almost 2 years, and had a 13 game winning streak. These type of games are what can rebuild your confidence or keep you at the status quo. This has happened before, but this is a different group.
  2. First, consider this my Mea Culpa regarding the QB situation. We have 3 options at Quarterback, Preston Wheeler, Kane Wilson, or Chase Pemberton. We need to pick one and the other two will need to back him up. I saw why the coaching staff was so hesitant to go with Wilson, because he made some very questionable decisions with the Football.
  3. You have a chance to finally blow out a team and build some confidence from an out of region opponent. This has to be a chance to know what you have done and been 4 weeks into the season. Time to see what you have.
  4. I expect the defense to continue it’s dominating performance. That is all. Nothing on the defense that I can say.
  5. “Fixable.” That is the best and worst word that a coach can say. Bad in the sense that  you wonder what behaviors and how many of them need to be purged, but good in the sense that it can be done, the question is, which one is tougher than the others? We will find out in a few hours.

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