Minor Thoughts…week 5 vs. Lock Haven

What a week! Glad it’s over for sure. Once again, Bobby brings the heat with the final thoughts.

First thought…Did we overestimate how good we are? I feel like we are better than what we have showed so far. I keep waiting for a break thru…and I guess I’m a sucker because I still think the break thru is coming.

Second thought…I feel the defense is a power. They are playing at a championship level. If we can bring the offense close to that level we will be in the running again. If not, trouble is on the horizon.

Third thought…We should thank the football Gods that we didn’t fall further in the polls. We are still in position to accomplish our goals. LSC title is still there for us as well as the playoffs and as we proved last season anything can happen once you get in.

Fourth thought…it’s a long season. It was a tough loss but at least it was to a ranked team and we have time to recover. We have to have a great showing this week, hands down. No more excuses. Get it together and let’s roll.

Final thought from Bounds…It was a tough night for football. Especially the type of offensive football we play. The good news is this defense is approaching championship level. It’s early and we survived the loss in the polls so we still have everything in front of us. One week at a time.

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