Texas A&M-Commerce-13, Colorado State-Pueblo-23-5 Morning After Thoughts

  1. First thought that came to mind was this. Back when I was in JR High, I played Soccer for the school I was attending (don’t knock me too hard, we did not have football). Anyway, we were up 3-0 at halftime, got cocky, and ended up tying 3-3. Our coach was furious and he came into the locker room and said “I would have preferred a loss, you learn more from losing than from anything else.” Many people had some major concerns about this team after 3 weeks, and pretty much all of them were justified last night, and pretty much all about the offense. Maybe this is the loss that gets the attention that some things need to change in order for this season to be as productive as the previous 4.
  2. Defense……they played great. They were just on the field for way too long and when they got down 2 scores, it was just a matter of time before the dam busted and that is what happened. However, Scott Power and his group have NOTHING to hang their heads over. They shoulder zero blame for this loss.
  3. We have a very dire situation at Quarterback. Preston Wheeler was ineffective again, and Kane Wilson joined him in that club. Wilson had one good throw, and that was essentially it. The passing game was bad and the overall offensive output has been subpar the whole way. Receivers do not seem to be on the same page, Backs are doing most of the work, and the Line is still young and growing up.
  4. 5 Turnovers, 3 on special teams. Need I say more?
  5. The best player for this game was Dominque Ramsey, and he almost won this game by himself. He returned a punt for a touchdown and was gutsy on his returns and played solid defense. His play was just a standout and I really feel that he gave this best effort, and as a guy who I have seen grow up and matured as a player, I wanted to give his props, because aside from the defense, he was only individual standout we had last night.

2 thoughts on “Texas A&M-Commerce-13, Colorado State-Pueblo-23-5 Morning After Thoughts

  1. First off, I would like to thank you guys for your time and effort in keeping Lion fans updated on the program. I also appreciate your perspectives since I have yet to really disagree with anything you have written. It’s obvious that the QB situation needs to be upgraded and I hope Kane Wilson is QB1 for the entire game vs. Lock Haven. I don’t necessarily think he earned it due to his performance in unfavorable conditions, but it’s obvious that #19 in not the answer. We know by now what #19 is, at least Wilson is still still a relative unknown with potential upside. The defense is awesome and I really like what I see with Scott Power leading that unit. Keep up that great work Gentlemen.

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