5 Halftime Thoughts-Texas A&M-Commerce-10, CSU-Pueblo-6

  1. Kane Wilson has been taking the majority of the snaps, and the passing game woes still continue. Granted, Wilson has not had many attempts but he has brought an energy that has been absent mostly from the offense. He needs to get more reps, but Wheeler may come back after Wilson did throw an interception, and if he wants to be a playmaker, he needs to commit to that. Will be interesting to see how this is handled from this point.
  2. The Defense is playing VERY VERY well. Dominant. Nothing more to say.
  3. Vincent Hobbs is needed more badly than ever, he took a shot the first quarter and has not returned. Hopefully he can return.
  4. Punting has been flawless and I do mean flawless. Perry and Jake Viquez have both been great at putting the ball in bad field position for the Thunderwolves and making life very for them.
  5. Despite the score, the Lions are playing better than I expected, but the offense HAS TO start producing something somehow.

Lions get the ball to start the second half.

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