Texas A&M-Commerce-14, Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds-3, 5 Quick Halftime Thoughts.

  1. Defense……keep doing what you are doing. Great effort and execution so far. You are carrying this team.
  2. Offense…..still sputtering despite the score. Penalties have wiped out some big plays, and Preston Wheeler…….he just looks lost again. My Opinion? The staff needs to really consider opening the QB competition and put the guy on the field who will make plays. I want to know, what is it about him that puts him above a JUCO All-American and JUCO National Champion and former Division I player?
  3. Punting and Kicking game is solid as always. Huge FG block in the second quarter.
  4. Eastern is NOT an 0-2 team, they are stronger than what lead on. Wyatt Strand is a tough dude.
  5. Eastern is getting desperate with the passes, DO NOT think that is nothing but a good thing, it can be a very bad thing. Nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.


Story behind the photo: Luis Perez drops back to pass against Eastern New Mexico in September 2016. The Lions won 49-10.

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