5 Minor Thoughts…Week 1

It’s that time of the year again as football season is finally upon us. This will be the lead in for the Lion Wire for each week’s game. What a way to start it off against our old foe…the Little Piggies from Kingsville.

First Minor thought…isn’t it great to know that with winning the national championship and all the success we have had, the school locked up what is undoubtedly and arguably the best coach with an extension until 2021. Getting #tothetop is very difficult…but staying is a whole other beast which requires a level of stability usually reserved for the top D1 schools. Happy to see it on our campus.

Second Minor thought…How in the heck do we replace Perez? Well he just stormed thru Commerce in 2 seasons and left an array of memories and records. But he didn’t do it by himself. A lot of the co-contributors are back and though the clear leaders were upper classmen, the youngsters stepped up and got big time experience to prepare them for this season. Lots of good things being heard about the new QB and the offense in general.

Third Minor thought…just how good is the defense gonna be after losing the defensive coordinator? Well bringing back 9 starters will be huge. Oh and replacing said coordinator with the one from the #1 ranked defense in the country definitely won’t hurt. Once the terminology is understood and they are allowed to ball out, I feel this group will be the ones that lead the team this year to what we hope is back to back national championships.

Fourth Minor thought…we want to pack the Hawk every home game. Even with ESPN picking up the opener we still would love to see 10k fans minimum. Looking forward to seeing record number of attendance and creating an atmosphere of invincibility at Memorial Stadium. Let’s make our opponents feel like roadkill when they come to The Hawk!

Fifth and final Minor thought…the rivalry. Although it is not perceived as it once was, this is a huge rivalry. We have owned them here in recent memory but for many years that was not the case. Lots of alumni players do not have fond memories of “the game.” I would love to see our Lions take the piggies out to the shed on national TV in front of a record crowd and roast them. Ok, maybe I’m a little biased…or maybe I’m a lot biased, but I would love to see it, especially with the piggies sporting their shiny new QB with his very popular name. Let them know and make a statement that this is our Hawk and no one comes to our Hawk and leaves unscathed.


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