Updated Lion Football Coaching Records

After the success of the feature of Coach Eddie Vowell’s tenure, I felt it was time to update some school records when it comes to coaching. We have had some fantastic coaches in Commerce, TX and now it is time to let everyone know who leads in what category in a top 5 fashion. So, here we go.-

Most Overall Career Wins-

  1. Ernest Hawkins-132 (1964-1985)
  2. Eddie Vowell-73 (1986-1998)
  3. Bob Berry-72 (1935-41, 1946-50)
  4. J.V. Sikes-63 (1954-1963)
  5. Colby Carthel-48 (2013-Present)

Most Lone Star Conference Wins-

  1. Ernest Hawkins-90
  2. J.V. Sikes-44
  3. Eddie Vowell-42
  4. Bob Berry-32
  5. Colby Carthel-28

Most Postseason Wins-

  1. Colby Carthel-7
  2. Ernest Hawkins-3
  3. Eddie Vowell-2
  4. J.V. Sikes-2
  5. Milburn Smith-1

Most Postseason Games-

  1. Colby Carthel-10
  2. Eddie Vowell-5
  3. Ernest Hawkins-4
  4. J.V. Sikes-2
  5. Milburn Smith-2

Most National Playoff Qualifications-

  1. Eddie Vowell, Colby Carthel-3
  2. Ernest Hawkins-2

Most Conference Titles-

  1. J.V. Sikes-5
  2. Ernest Hawkins-4, Bob Berry-4
  3. Colby Carthel-3, Milburn Smith-3
  4. J.W. Rollins-2
  5. Eddie Vowell, Dennis Vincent, Scott Conley, Guy Morriss-1

Highest Winning Percentage-

  1. Milburn Smith (.924)
  2. Colby Carthel (.761)
  3. Bob Berry (.667)
  4. JV Sikes (.664)
  5. J.W. Rollins (.606)

Most Ranked Teams At Seasons End-

  1. Eddie Vowell-6
  2. Colby Carthel, Ernest Hawkins-4
  3. JV Sikes-4
  4. Miburn Smith-3
  5. Bob Berry-3

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