Honoring our past, present and future…Minority Report Volume 8

In the spirit of recent posts about the upgrades with the stadium and events center I have a couple suggestions that would enhance them. I feel a total rename is in order and I would like to see the name changed from Memorial Stadium to Ernest Hawkins Memorial Stadium. Coach Hawkins made that stadium so in my humble opinion, it should be what bears his name. In order to honor other great coaches of the past I think that the reserved seating in sections C, D and E should also be re-named. We can honor former HOF coaches with their names and a statue like memorabilia included at the top wall of each section with their significant accomplishments on it. We can have the Eddie Vowell reserved section. The Milburn”Catfish” Smith section. The Jules Verne “J.V.” Sikes section. The John Rollins section. The Bobby Fox section. The Robert Berry section. The Boley Crawford section and the Mark Copeland section. All are HOF members who have coached football at ETSU/TAMUC.

Another honorable name change would be to rename the presidents box to the “Dan Jones Presidential Box/Suite.” He had a tremendous impact on most of the changes that we saw our little university go thru over the course of his time as President up to now. He has left a lasting footprint on the school. Last but not least is this unprecedented move. Re-name the field. I know we generally wait until a person has retired to honor them but this one need not wait until that time a la Duke University naming their basketball court Coach K court. Name the field Colby Carthel Field. I know it may be long but I think it would be cool to say I’m going to watch the Lions play at Colby Carthel Field at Ernest Hawkins Memorial Stadium…of course as my colleague Russell stated before, we would shorten it to “See you at the Hawk”. But when plugging it into your navigation system it would definitely look nice and give this old Lion a rejuvenated sense of pride. Carthel has done in such a short time so much including LSC titles and a coveted National Title that I feel he is so deserving of this honor. It would make it a lot harder for him to ever leave when HIS name is on the field also…Similar things can also be done with the seating in the event center and new gym for former basketball coaches also.

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