Lion Men’s Basketball Notebook: Previewing What Is Left.


Just like their Women counterparts, the Men’s Basketball squad has a huge stretch ahead of them. They have two huge games coming up. Both are against ranked teams and both can do a fantastic thing if they are both won. Let’s take a closer look.

Overall record: 18-7

Conference Record: 10-6

Home Record: 8-1

Road Record: 6-6

Against Ranked Teams: 0-3

What is left:

Thursday 2/22 Versus West Texas A&M @ University Fieldhouse, Commerce, TX

Saturday 2/24 Versus Texas-Permian Basin @ University Fieldhouse, Commerce, TX

Lone Star Conference Tournament: March 1-3, Frisco, TX

Overall Opining: The Lions are currently holding onto the final spot in the South Central Region for the Division II tournament. These next two games are huge because of the positive and negative effects they can have on the Lions making their 3rd tournament appearance in 4 years. First, beating West Texas Thursday night would be enormous because they are the top ranked team in the Region and the Lions had them beaten. Then Saturday afternoon UT-Permian Basin is back in town, and that loss that should have never been started the Lions downward slide. I know that sounds rough but before that, they were 14-1 and in a commanding first place in the conference. If they Lions do not win either game, their only shot to get to the dance is to win the LSC Tournament. They can do both and truth be told I believe they should. The good news is the Lions are money at home and both teams that are coming for a visit barely escaped their own confines against the Lions. This team can do that.

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