The Weekly Wire: Lion Basketball

This weekend was a fantastic weekend for the Women’s Basketball team as they picked up two HUGE wins on the road. Knocking off Texas-Permian Basin in Odessa and then heading up the road to knock off a ranked West Texas team showed that this team is primed to be an LSC contender for the regular season title, and perhaps the conference tournament title. They had no trouble with the Dallas Christian College Chargers this evening, blowing them out 94-42.


A word about Jason Burton. Aside from Colby Carthel, he is the best hire we have made to any sport thus far. Women’s Basketball was a disaster, and when he took over there was immediate improvement. He recruits about as well as you can ask for and works incredibly hard. Burton is a student of the game as much as he is a teacher of it. I remember I caught about 20 minutes of a practice he was running two years ago when I was waiting outside the athletic offices. There was no yelling or rah-rah sounds, but a calm and enthusiastic session, almost like he was teaching a class, just on perimeter defense. That impressed me and Coach Burton will have a ton of success in Commerce. He is a perfect fit for the program, and his record shows it.

This Thursday, the Ladies have a very interesting challenge. The only team that has beaten them in conference play, Midwestern State, comes to Commerce. It is a challenge for sure, but with the wind against their backs at this point in the year, this is a ripe time for a redeeming win and to increase their hold on first place.


The Men are in a tough position right now. Undefeated in conference play heading into the weekend, an atrociously bad end game call that stole a win. I don’t think you can truly understand the magnitude of that call and what it cost the Lions. It has to be corrected, but I doubt it will be. That did the one thing I was afraid of, which was to seep into the West Texas A&M game and caused the Lions to be down as much as 21 in the first half, only to grab the lead at the end of the game and lose on some head scratching offensive possessions. The game against Dallas Christian College could not come at a better time. It will allow the Lions to get back into winning mode by blowing out the Chargers tonight at the Fieldhouse. The Lions are still at number 10 in the country and I think that is where they should stay.

Taking on Midwestern State Thursday night is also just what is needed. The Lions cruised to a 95-77 win the last time they played a month ago, but this one gets you back in the win column for the conference and then the always tough Cameron Aggies squad. The time to get back on track is now, and I see that happening.


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