Lady Lions Basketball-5 Thoughts So Far


  1. Overall, the Ladies are 6-5. Now, looking at the out of conference record, it is 3-4. Here is something to be optimistic about; those 3 of those 4 losses were lost by an average of 4 points. These games were not blowout losses. They were close losses, and the fact that this team is close shows they are just that, close. Not far, but not quite there yet. The back end of the schedule might prove to be more favorable to this group.
  2. Again, this is yet another VERY young team, and last season I predicted they would make a run in the LSC title and make the NCAA playoffs. They still have that as something they can certainly do. They have played a brutal non conference schedule and have come on top so far.
  3. 3-1 in conference. That is what you should really feel good about for right now. The best part? They learned how to finish games. Overtime wins against Cameron and Eastern New Mexico where they won the games by 7 and 10 points show this team is learning that. Learn how to finish. That the big problem last year, and it has gotten quite a bit better. The lone LSC loss was to MSU by 3. Again, have to learn to finish.
  4. The Lions traveled down to San Antonio and beat a Division I school in UTSA. The score was 69-60. UTSA is a 2-10 squad, but that does not matter. A Division II school beat a Division I school on the road. DI means more scholarships and money, which usually means more talent. UTSA is not a bad team also. They have played some seriously good teams like Texas, Texas State, and Cal State Fullerton. Their schedule is just as brutal and nothing can nor should take the luster off the win. They won a game by all stretches of the imagination that they should have not won. They did.
  5. Finally, onto the matchup on Thursday night. The Lady Javs of TAMU-Kingsville are 3-9 and this game is in Commerce. The mutual opponents are Cameron, Midwestern, and St. Mary’s. The Lions lost 2 of those 3 and so did the Javelinas. Do not let the record fool you. This team can beat the Lions, but if the Lions learn to FINISH again, and it will be tested every game from here on out, they should win this one. Tip off is at 5:30 on Thursday and the game is in Commerce at The University Fieldhouse.

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