NCAA Div. II National Championship: A&M-Commerce Lions vs. West Florida Argonauts-The Pre Snap Read


Here we are, Lion Fans…..Game Day. The day for which we have hoping and dreaming has arrived. It all comes down to 60 minutes of football to decide the Championship.(Note: Due to unforseen technical difficulties, the venerable Brian Pate will be unable to post the Pre Snap read or Quarter updates, so I’ll be filling in).

Storylines-It is  not known here of the status of receiver Buck Wilson, or safety/linebacker Ta’von Blanchard. The “next man up”philsophy has served the Lions well, as the backup have capably taken over. Here’s hoping they both will be able to return.

What You Need To Know-The weather is perfect today. Children’s Mercy Park is the home of Kansas City’s franchise in Major League Soccer, Sporting KC. That means a good surface, with a sunny day, and highs in the 50’s-60’s. It has the makings for a great game.

The Bottom Line-For the Lions, it’s the same song, second verse. Protect Luis Perez, manage an effective running game with Carandale Hale and E.J. Thompson, and don’t turn the ball over. The defense of West Florida thrives on creating turnovers. Ball Security will be one of the main challenges for the Lion Offense.

Defensively, West Florida presents a change the Lions are used to. Operating out of a spread formation, the Argonauts, have big play receivers and a bruising tandem of running backs. The Lions will need to be on top of their game, and make good tackles to get West Florida off the field.

Well, Lion fans, that’s about it. It’s time to step up and take the Championship that’s there. It’s time to finish the fight. It’s time to fulfill the destiny.


Roar Back Here.....

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