Halftime: Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-7, Central Washington-28


5 Quick Thoughts-

  1. We are beating ourselves. Luis Perez has thrown 3 very costly interceptions. 2 Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, and 2 or 3 head scratching play calls.
  2. Everything is correctable at this point, but that must start the second the next half starts.
  3. This could be much worse. We are lucky to be only 3 scores down, and as we saw earlier, momentum can swing quite quickly.
  4. Match their physicality. Have to.
  5. The Lions have been in this situation before. They almost came back against this size lead. Hold your composure, do your job, and play your game. If we do this things, will we win? I don’t know, but it gives us a chance.

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