Ask The Opponent: Central Washington Edition

Very Thankful to local Ellendale, Washington resident John Tave who corresponded with me to answer a few questions regarding this Saturday’s matchup and taking time out of his Turkey Day.


TLW: “A lot has been said about this game. What are your thoughts going into it?”

JT: “Well, I know two things. I have watched this team (UCW) and from what I know about TAMU-Commerce, this is going to be a game with teams that have very different identities and strengths that are going to trade body blows. Whoever the last man standing is, in my opinion, will be the Super Region 4 Champion when it is all said and done.”

TLW: “What are you thoughts on the Lions?”

JT: “Reading your stat lines and watching your film I can see that you guys do not really have any true weaknesses. Your QB maybe the best in the entire country, your skill players are really fast and explosive guys, your O-Line pass protects very well, and your Freshman Running Back really has an upside. Your defense, especially the run defense, is very good. Your kicking game is about as solid as you can ask for too. Your team is very good.”

TLW: “Tell us about Central Washington in a nutshell.”

JT: “This team is a team that loves to run the ball, but we can throw. Reilly Hennessey is the real deal at Quarterback and the team has every confidence in him. He transferred from Eastern Washington, so he has Division I Experience. The One thing I think that makes him different is that he is effective running the ball as well as throwing it. We also have a lot of balance on offense. Our defense is among the nation’s best in scoring defense, so we have a lot to hang our hat on.”

TLW: “Would it be fair to say your offense is based on a Run/Pass Option philosophy?”

JT: “Very much so. Ian Shoemaker, our head coach, loves that offense. He really brought a Rich Rodriguez influenced type of offense. You see that in our QB’s numbers. He also likes to try the option from a standard offense from time to time, but mostly it is from the spread option.”

TLW: “What gives you concern about the Lions?”

JT: “Your passing attack is so potent and you guys are number one in the entire country in passing offense. Our passing defense is 73rd. That scares me. Also you guys have seen some option teams this year and your interior defense seems to be very, very strong.”

TLW: “If you were a Lion fan, what would concern you?”

JT: “I would say containing Hennessey. That is your biggest concern and also just the physicality of the Wildcats. It is going to be touch and go but also you guys are having to fly the length of the Country to play up here and that is not easy either.” 

TLW: “Finally, care to predict a score?”

JT: “Why not? I go with the Wildcats 34-27!”

Thanks to John Tave for his time and here is to a great game on Saturday.

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