The Lion Wire’s (Very Condensed) Playoff Preview


So, it is finally here. Hard to believe that the regular season just blew by like it did, but it did. The playoff field has been announced, and I have to say that I mostly agree with the field except I do believe that Eastern New Mexico should have gotten in. That being said, let’s take a look at the field and how I feel it will play out.

Central Washington-First Round Bye, Faces the Winner of the A&M-Commerce/Winona State matchup in the second round.

Colorado State-Pueblo at Minnesota-Mankato-Mankato Rolls to a win over a 2 loss CSP team.

Sioux Falls @ Midwestern State-Mustangs take this one in Wichita Falls.

Second Round-

After beating Winona State in a sloppy affair, Texas A&M-Commerce Knocks off Central Washington on the road with speed and physicality.

Minnesota State beats Midwestern State in a very close game that goes back and forth.

Regional Final: Minnesota Mankato heads to Texas to face A&M-Commerce in the Regional final.

Now, I will not predict a winner but that is way too far ahead and have already gone probably too far already, but still something to ponder. The Lions have to win two games and they will host the regional Final. That would be huge, and this team has a great chance to do that. Best part? If Midwestern and A&M-Commerce meet in the Regional final, that is will be in Commerce, and that might be the largest crowd in 40 years to watch a game in Commerce.

Will be researching the game film for Winona State and have my 5 thoughts up later tomorrow. This is an exciting time of the year.

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