# 9 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-52, Texas-Permian Basin Falcons-0-Post Mortem

Hawkins Field

  1. First the above image is something I have dreamed of seeing for years now, and I want to emphasize how important the naming of the field after Coach Hawkins. First, it was a long overdue honor for the greatest man to ever lead our program. Second, it gives us an identity. No longer do we have bland stadiums with bland names, the athletic department has made Memorial Stadium a great place. My Dad has come to two of the 5 home games we have had for the year and both times he commented on how the game day experience is fantastic. The field is living up to his name. Something that so many of us wanted and now it is a reality.
  2. Now, onto the game. The offense was six degrees north of unstoppable. If the staff had wanted to, this could have easily turned into the ETBU game in 2014. That did not happen, but the fact the first team just wiped the floor with UTPB. It was just a bulldozer mowing over a structure. Best way I can describe it.
  3. The defense got their shutout out last night, something that was wanted since the William Jewell game. 125 yards was the total offensive production that UTPB got, and half of the game was played by second and third string guys. The defense was just spectacular. Nobody had shutout UTPB this year, not even Midwestern. We did. Keep that in mind pollsters.
  4. One of the greatest things that happened yesterday was seeing some Seniors who did not get a lot of the spotlight had their moment to shine, and it was great to see. I was in my room watching this and when Austin Jordan made a fantastic catch for a touchdown, and then the Receiving core mobbed him after the catch. It was wonderful, and then when QB Jacob Norton who, played his first snap in almost 2 years threw a 2 pass to D’Arthur Cowan for a TD, it was another fantastic moment, and a beautiful throw by the way.
  5. This game was part one in a two part process of making the case that the Lions deserve a big spot in the NCAA playoffs. The result was something that was needed in front of the committee, and it is all we can do at this point. To quote Al Davis, “Just Win Baby.”



Offense-Vincent Hobbs was a complete beast last night. 6 catches for 144 yards and those catches were mainly yards after catch. He was the biggest weapon on offense yesterday.

Defense-Travon Blanchard had 9 tackles, 7 solo, one sack and a QB hurry. Welcome to the MVP circle to the transfer from Baylor.

Special Teams-JaQurious Smith-The Redshirt Freshman from Kilgore had a punt block and a fantastic punt return.

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