# 9 Texas A&M-Commerce Lions-35, West Texas A&M Buffalos-15-Post Mortem


  1. First and foremost, I want to congratulate Luis Perez who is now the all time leading passer yardage wise in Lion football history. That is a huge accomplishment as the program has had some fantastic passers go through it. It took a long time for someone to break Bob Bounds record. When you think about how easily passing records are broken these days, it makes you realize 1) how great of a QB Bob Bounds was at ET and 2) what a special QB Luis Perez is. That said, it was the perfect night to break the record as he was super impressive last night. He made NFL caliber throws with fantastic touch and some serious velocity on them. He was in complete control and in my opinion, it was the best game he ever played from start to finish. The incompletions were on his REC’s for dropping passes and he is really having a large pocket presence which will be important the longer the Lions go along.
  2. The Lion defense was very good last night. They allowed only 244 yards and a lot of that was on WT’s final scoring drive. They allowed one offensive touchdown and that was after a Lion turnover deep into their own territory gave the Buffs a short field to work with. The Lion defense blitzed all night was repeatedly dropped the Buff backfield for losses. I loved the attitude that DC Justin Deason conveyed last night. There was also a lot of aggressive corner play, and I love that.
  3. Speaking of coordinators, props to Matt Storm as he went for the throat from the first series and did not relent even when the offense was not executing like it should. I just felt like Storm was dialing up the plays that would be the most potent and also one that showed the offensive prowess of the team. Using the threat of the deep pass gave Carandal Hale some good chances for some good yardage. Hale has been a total steal and the fact that we could watch him for another 3 years is very exciting.
  4. Congrats to Buck Wilson for his amazing 100 yard kickoff return. That was the crown jewel on the play of the special teams. Tristan Perry continues to impress as a true freshman punter and he will only get better from here. His style may be unconventional but it gets the job done. The coverage on the kickoffs and punts were also second to none.
  5. The final point I want to make is that WT is a vastly improved team from last year. They may not think it, but they are. They are tough runners, and they have some serious beef up front. They are also very disciplined. Their head coach is a guy that I can tell has what it takes to bring the Buffs back up. The Lions beat a team that was better than the team they played last year. Moving up to 7-1 is huge and it means a lot in terms of national and regional rankings.



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