# 3 Texas A&M-Commerce 38, Texas A&M-Kingsville 7-Post Mortem


A big win to move to 2-0 in the conference and stay undefeated. Let’s get to it.

  1. Going on the road and whipping a team is a very important thing to do. Kingsville is going to win some games this year, they have just had a rough first few games. They will get better as they go on, but have to put this one away and go into facing another huge game against Midwestern State in two weeks.
  2. Remembering last year’s game, I remember the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that were in obscene amounts last year. This season, the Cartel staff has done a great job in making sure those actions were purged, but last night Kingsville really was trying to make it like last year. 3 times I saw Shawn Hooks get jawed at, he just walked away. I saw Garrett Blubaugh get blown over by a Hoggie and looked down on him and started mouthing, Blubaugh just put his hands up and waited for the guy to get out of his way and went back. Vincent Hobbs however felt it necessary to mouth off 3 times, finally drawing an unsportsmanlike penalty. That could have easily killed that scoring drives and if the Lions did not have a great kicker like Kristov Martinez. Let me say this. Of all of the penalties in Football, personal foul unsportsmanlike are the most inexcusable. When you jaw at someone just because they jaw at you and your team suffers, you are saying that YOU are more important than the team, and that is just beyond the pale. Blowing your composure can cost your team the game. Hobbs did not have to do that, he is a great player and can let his playing do the talking for him.
  3. The Lion defense continues to be amazing. Last season the Hogs just ate the D-Line’s lunch, this year much different story. The team is riding on the backs of the defense, and as well as the offense is playing that is saying something. This is what a total team effort looks like. There will be games where the offense will sputter (See North Alabama), but if the defense plays the way it does, this team will always be in ANY game.
  4. The bye week will be interesting to see how the team is able to relax and recoop from their time. This 4 game stretch has been a buzzsaw, and really the hardest game of the year is in two weeks. It must be important to use that time to really focus and not get too overhyped on the Midwestern Game. That game is really one that the Lions MUST win. If they can go on the road and beat a very good MSU team,  that will be the toughest test passed of the regular season.
  5. Finally, I want to tip my hat to Colby Carthel and his staff for doing this one thing: for playing as many guys as he can. HC Carthel knows that very few of these guys will sniff an NFL preseason game, much less an actual one. When a game is in hand, he does everything he can to get every player out there to play and also makes a statement that he does not run up the score in any game. Giving the players who he recruits a chance to play in addition to showing good sportsmanship should make all of us proud to be Lions.


Offense-Luis Perez was fantastic again. Guy stands out head and shoulders above the rest.

Defense-Yusef Sterling Lowe. Two Picks, including one to end the half and two sacks, and some tackles for loss. Great game for the Senior from California.

Special Teams-Kristov Martinez. Again, he came to play and gave the Hogs no chance at returning any kicks and hit a 44 yard field goal.

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