Ask The Opponent: North Alabama Lions Edition

Last season I introduced the concept of “Ask The Opponent”, a post in which I contacted a fan on to ask them questions about the upcoming matchup against TAMUC. A big hat tip to Lions96 from the message board who got me the answer to the questions I had. Here is the first edition of Ask The Opponent:

TLW: “From a UNA fan’s perspective, what worries you the most about TAMUC?”

Lion96: “Two biggest things that worry me are your strong quarterback play and a lot of experience on defense.”

TLW: “How high are expectations this year for UNA?”

Lion96: “They are high as this is our last year in Division II. We make transition to D1 next year. We want to leave with conference championships and hopefully win the national title this year.”

TLW: “How excited is the town/school for this matchup?”

Lion 96: “Fairly excited we play in the Gulf South Conference and are used to playing top 25 teams. It is Nice to play another highly ranked team outside of the conference to start the season.”

TLW: If you were a TAMUC fan, what would you be concerned about regarding UNA?

Lion96: “Our Defense and the fact that we led all college football, D1 and D2, in pass efficiency last year.”

TLW: “Tell us about last year’s team compared to this years.”

Lion96: “Last year’s team had really good chemistry and a lot of heart. We are hoping this years team has the same chemistry and heart. We were smaller on the offensive line last year. We are much bigger this year.”


TLW: “How do you think UNA matches up against TAMUC?”

Lion96: “I like the size and speed of this UNA team. I think the strengths match up well vs. each other.”

TLW: “What match-up are you most interested in watching?”

Lion96: “Biggest matchup to watch is our defense against the TAMUC passing attack.”

TLW: “For the TAMUC Fans, tell us about the tailgating environment at Braley.”

Lion96: “Tailgating south end of the stadium with games, food, and prizes from local restaurants/shops. Good environment overall.”

TLW: “Prediction for the game?”

Lion96: “I can say with 100 percent certainty the Lions win.”

TLW: Finally, for the folks from Texas traveling to Florence, tell us about where are the good places to eat and other local points of interest?

Lion96: Downtown Florence is close to campus, has some great places to eat and enjoy the nightlife. Ricatoni’s is a must eat if you like Italian. Park and walk down each side of Court Street and enjoy the sites and sounds.”

A huge thanks to Lion96 and here is to a great game on Thursday night!

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