Hot Off The Wire: Women’s Fall Sports Year End Post Mortem.

So, let’s get to it.


Soccer-15-6-1 Record, Lone Star Conference Regular Season and Conference Champions. NCAA Elite 8.

Neil Piper’s Squad had yet another banner year. Another LSC Championship and run at a national championship. A&M-Commerce Soccer is a perennial power and has been for a long time. What TAMUC fans have expected year after year has been delivered by this program. Next year looks bright. Expect Conference Championship and another national title run, and one day our Ladies will be lifting that trophy that says National Champions on it.


Volleyball: 19-13 overall, 4th Place Finish in LSC Play.

The Volleyball team had a solid season, their second straight winning season and a solid conference record, including a 10-2 league record at home. Craig Case and Sarah Carthel have what it takes to take this group to the next level….the NCAA Division II Tournament. For 3 of the past 4 years, this program has been so close to getting to the Division II tournament. Next year, I believe they will get there and make a run at a conference title in either the tournament or regular season. They came so close this year, being ranked in the final regional spot before dropping their last two games which knocked them back out of the picture. Next year a loaded squad returns with favorable schedules. A run at a conference title, another winning season along with a NCAA DII tournament is what I see happening.


Cross Country: 2nd Place Top Finish at the Southern Arkansas Invitational, 7th place at the LSC Championships, 26th at the NCAA South Central Regionals.

The Women’s Cross Country Program has been making steady strides and at some times seemed like legitimate LSC title contenders, and at other points looked less than stellar. The good news is, this was a young group and the conference was very top heavy this year. There is a very good chance that they will make huge strides next year and I know this one thing, the Track and Cross Country programs are led by one heck of a Coach in George Pincock. Next year I see one Invitational Championship, a top 3 finish in the LSC Championships, and a top half performance at the NCAA Regional Championships.

So, of the three Fall sports, One Conference Championship, two postseason appearances, All were ranked in the Regional Rankings at Some point in the season, and both team sports had winning records. Not bad, but expect better next year.

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