Texas A&M-Commerce Lions VS. West Texas A&M-Buffaloes, NCAA South Central Tournament First Round-5 Thoughts.


A Battle Tested Lions Team faces off in the NCAA First Round against rival West Texas A&M. 

  1. Two times this season, the Lions and Buffaloes have played each other. The first game was a fantastic 104-103 win for the Lions in a packed Fieldhouse that was full of offensive fireworks. The second time, the Buffs held off the Lions in Canyon by a 100-98 score. Now, the same two teams are meeting in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. This is my first year covering this tournament and I would love to cover more than just one game, but this a truly 50/50 matchup.
  2. Both teams score a lot against each other and looking at mutual opponents, you see basically the same results. When both teams play, they both shoot well and move the ball down the floor very well. You also see a lot of explosive plays like dunks out of a half court offensive set and a lot of spot up shooting. That has been the tale of the two games that have been played.
  3. My question is this, what, or who, is going to give that will be the difference in this game. Will one team make a fatal mistake that will be the decision maker, or will it come down to just making shots and executing on the defensive end, will one person step up and make a difference for either team?
  4. This field is a pretty tough field, and if the Lions get by the Buffs, they have to get through a very good UT-Permian Basin team that has been the one team that has just totally dominated the league this year. I have no idea what they have been doing in previous years, but this year they are king of their new conference. The average margin of victory the Falcons have had over the Lions is 20 points. Pretty significant.
  5. For those wanting to watch the game, here is the where, when, and how to watch and listen. The game is at 1 PM at Lockridge Arena in Golden, Colorado. Game is being broadcast via radio on 88.9 KETR and through KETR.org. LIVE STATShttp://www.ncaa.com/game/basketball-men/d2/2017/03/11/tex-am-commerce-west-tex-am
    LIVE VIDEO: http://www.minesathletics.com/tv

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