Texas A&M-Commerce-49, Eastern New Mexico-10-Post Mortem


Overall Opining: From start to finish, this was a dominating performance by the Lions. It took 90 seconds to establish domination, and what you saw from that point on was nothing but sheer dominance on the offensive side, hard nosed and well disciplined defensive football, and special teams that could not be done any better. It was also done against a team tough to prepare for and tougher to play, and on the road. I was never more impressed that how I was after yesterday. All this was also done without the head coach at the helm. This is what was needed heading into your home conference opener against a huge rival.


Offense-Luis Perez has to be again. His numbers speak for themselves. 24 for 31 with 5 touchdown passes, 342 yards, and most importantly, no turnovers. I will take a chance to say this. Everyone has their own prejudices when it comes to who they want to start and all of that. I wanted Gabe Rodriguez because I felt he had the great season as a true freshman at McMurry and a year as a back-up last year. It is clear the staff made the right decision to start Perez, as good as Rodriguez is and that says something. Truthfully, Perez was the best player because of his big play ability and big play making in addition to his amazing stats. 2 for 2 for the trigger man from Otay Ranch, California.

Defense- D.J. White was incredible yesterday. He led all tacklers with 9 and he just had his presence felt the entire game. Open space, backfield, secondary help, White was just all over the place and made huge plays and batted down balls and had a couple of tackles for loss. Just a great game by the newcomer.

Special Teams-Buck Wilson had great returns during the game and was also an instrumental part on the kickoff team. Wilson plays with just 100 percent heart and zero fear. Special teams are where games are won and lost and guy who stands out on that more than any of them is Wilson.


Offense-A plus. Game plan was great and it was unstoppable. Nothing to knock on here.

Defense-A Plus. Game plan just as good, and 10 points given up when a team had the ball for almost 40 minutes and did not score until the late part of the third quarter is a testament to how good the defense played yesterday. Forcing 5 interceptions and 1 fumble is just going to solidify their case.

Special Teams-A. Martinez was great on kickoffs and the coverage was great and Buck Wilson may be the best special teams player in the entire league. Nothing to argue against here.

Coaching-A Plus. Jared May, Matt Storm, and Justin Deason all got together and made sure the team did not miss a beat, and they sure did not. HC Carthel will be back, but this staff proved how valuable they are to this entire program. Great play calling and game management.

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