BTB’s News, Notes, and Random Thoughts.

Congrats are in order for the TAMUC Lady Lions Softball Team for winning the Academic Conference Championship as well as the Women’s Golf Team. The mission of the athletic department was to leave Commerce with a Championship ring on one hand and a degree in the other, and that is what is happening. Congrats to the two programs on their well deserved awards.


LSC Media Days are rapidly approaching us, and with that said KETR did a great interview with Lion Football Color Commentator Brock Calloway. Brock provides great insight as always. Correction: In a preview of the offense, I said that Derrick Macon had left the team, he is apparently still with them. My mistake. Hat Tip-KETR’s North By Northeast program.


Volleyball-Schedule is released at, as is the one for Soccer. Check them out.

Check out posts later this week regarding my thoughts on the Fieldhouse and also the Defensive preview for Football.

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