Hall of Fame: Who is not in that should be.

One of the things I have noticed as I have gotten to know them fine men who donned the blue and gold of Old ET Football is that just about all of them want one thing, and that is to be in the Athletic Hall of Fame. It is a big deal. When you look at who is in the Athletic Hall  Of Fame, you have some great people who are not there for whatever reason, and many that I have spoken with have expressed a strong desire to be in that Hall but not for any reasons I would consider selfish, but for reasons that seem more like they want to be known to be associated with Texas A&M-Commerce for life. I completely see their point, so what we did was decide to vote on who was not in the Hall of Fame but who should be, and this was done soely on the votes of their fellow Lions, so here they are in order of votes-

1.Terry Bagsby-I totally agree with this, and it is too bad that he would have to be honored post humous. A fearsome player, Bagsby was one of the best to ever done the blue and gold and I was glad to see a large consensus of players voting for Terry.  Total Votes: 51

2. Jim White-This guy was a consensus pick. Just about everyone voted for him. Total Votes: 44

3. Clint Dolezel-How the heck is Dolezel not in here is truly unbelievable. The guys is one of the best QB’s our program has ever had. Votes: 41

4. Fred Woods-Totally should be in the HOF, like 10 years ago. Not very many people are picked as All Conference and All-American by 6 (that’s right, 6 different publications) Votes: 40

5. The 1983 Team-Led by HOF’er Kyle Mackey, a great team that got the short straw by the NCAA playoff committee the first year they played in it. The NCAA has just been so good to us in the past. (Sarcasm fully intended) Votes:37

6. Billy Minor-Dude was a player and he gets respect and votes from all over. Stellar career in Commerce and a great player on those late 80’s/ early 90’s teams and had got the call to go to the NFL. He is another guy that should have been inducted a long time ago. Votes:36

7. Bobby Connelly-Not just for what he did in Commerce, but for what he has done in the college coaching ranks. This one is a LONG TIME coming. Votes: 31

8. Allen Roulette-Solid player in Commerce but having a pro career with the Bills and in the Arena Leagues in Addition to being a Big 12 official gives him a body of work that should give him HOF status. Votes: 30

9. Cole Cayce-With so many good QB’s in the Hall, this guy needs to be there. Look at what he did when was injured, think about what he could have done if he had been healthy and not always to have been splitting reps. Professional career was short, but how many guys make it to the pros? Votes: 26

10. 1992 Team-8-3 team that was a great team that should have been in the postseason, period, another shaft the NCAA playoff committee gave the program. Votes: 25

11. Dwayne Phorne-One of the best linemen ever. Scary to go against according to the Head Coach at Cameron when they played them. Votes-22

12. Trey Burk-Another outstanding lineman. Votes-19

13. Antonio Wilson-Great Skill as a defender and played on some teams that were on the downslide yet he excelled to get himself drafted by the Vikings. Votes: 18

14. Ron Trammell-One of those guys that gets overlooked because of how much talent was on the teams he played on, Trammell was one of those guys that did his job, but how talented he was is really an understatement. A solid offensive player with great hands and grit. Votes: 15

15. Anthony Brooks-Brooks was once called a “superstar” by The Dallas Morning News’s Kevin Sherrington in an article he wrote in the 1992 season. Could not agree more. Pure explosion as a Wideout and great player. Votes: 14

16. Micah Haley-A big time nose guard who played for the New York Giants, Haley was drafted in 1992 and had a short time in the league but his time in Commerce was huge as he was a key cog in a nasty defense in 1991 and 1990. Votes: 13

17. Cliff Edwards-One of the best ball carriers for a program that has produced some fantastic ball carriers. If he had good options around him, who knows how good he would have been. Votes 11

18. Daryl Anderson-The best receiver by teammate consensus on the 1995 team. Very good player and very explosive and should be honored for his contributions. Votes: 8

19. 1991 Team-It was tough to duplicate the success of the team right before it, but the fact that this team was very close to winning a national championship is without a doubt worthy of HOF status. Oh yeah, they also beat the number 1 team in the nation riding a 56 game winning streak. Votes: 7

20. Brett Bertrand/Curtis Ray-Bertrand was great D-Lineman on two great Lion teams and was All-Conference and he also has a noteworthy in how he received votes from players in all generations. Curtis Ray was a first team All-LSC offensive guard who played on the great teams of the early 80’s and did what it took to keep Wade Wilson upright. Tied with 6  votes a piece.


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