Breaking: Colby Carthel Signs 3 Year Extension

Colby Carthel signs a contract extension keeping him in Commerce for at least another 3 years. 


Yesterday Twitter and Facebook were both blowing up with news from the TAMUC athletic department saying there was going to be a big announcement regarding the Football program. I wondered what it could be and honestly had no clue. So, I did what every good blogger does, I went to my always reliable and accurate sources.

Colby Carthel signed a contract extension that keeps him as the head coach at Texas A&M-Commerce until at least 2018. It also includes a two year option, which for those who do not know contracts means that at the end of 2018, if he decides to stay for another two years, he may opt in to do so without contract renegotiation. As far as compensation goes, I would have to to assume he gets a pretty decent pay raise, but they did not release how much he will be making as a base and if there are any incentives to up the amount he could make.

As I was thinking about why I did not detect this, it is because we have not had a Coach get something like this in a very long time. I would assume you would have to go back to the Hawkins era to have this. Eddie Vowell retired, Eddie Brister resigned, Scotty Conley was fired, and Guy Morriss resigned. We are doing what any good program would do, look to the future and actually do something good about it.

This was a fantastic move by AD Tim Murray and President Dan Jones. I do believe when it is all said and done, Dan Jones will probably be the best President when it comes to what he did for the athletic department the University has ever had. He genuinely loves the student athletes and the coaches and he has just as much a hand in the success of the overall athletic program. This decision was a fantastic move for the program.

This also shows Coach Carthel wants to be in Commerce, America for the long haul and wants to build (or rebuild) the storied program. He has put TAMUC Lion Football back on the map, so here is to the very real hope this leads us to a national championship in the not too distant future.

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