Texas A&M-Commerce @ Ferris State-NCAA Playoffs First Round-5 Thoughts

  1. We can beat this team. The forecast for tomorrow calls for snow and 32 degrees. Ice Bowl, snow bowl, who cares what you call it, it is probably on. The spread offense usually does not perform well in the snow, but stranger things have happened before. I believe you will see a heavy dose of Richard Cooper and Theo Wofford early on and see how that goes. Also, do not be surprised if Chris Chumley might be your X factor on offense tomorrow. 3 Big name receivers who are all fast and formidable, more than likely you will see some guys step up to play who may not have done as much earlier on this year.
  2. What determines how well this group plays will depend on one word, attitude. It would be easy to have a “this sucks” attitude. However, this group wanted to win the conference and get to the playoffs, and they did. I have a strong feeling that getting at least one playoff win is now on that wish list. This is the biggest test we have faced under the Carthel era. Everything is pretty much stacked against us, so how do we step up? Tomorrow I believe it will come to who is more physical and which team wears the other team down. If we can do that, do not be surprised if we come back to Texas with a win.
  3. Ferris State is a good team, and for the third time this year, we are playing a Harlon Hill finalist. Jason Vander Laan is a very good player, and to be honest, he is the key cog in the offensive attack at FSU. He is a very accurate and efficient passer, having thrown for over 2,200 yards and rushed for 1,300 more. He is a big dude too. I have not gotten to see much film of him, so it will be interesting to see how he moves so well and what his true strengths are. FSU seems to be just like their QB, very balanced on offense. Looking at their strength of schedule, I really do not know if they are really that good or of their conference is that weak, I assume we will find out tomorrow
  4. One of the reasons I believe we can win this game is because there is not a single game we have been out of this year. We had a Division I FCS team on the ropes and literally gave away our other two losses by a combined amount of 9 points. We have played in the heat of August, the rains of Northeast Texas, and the wind of West Texas. Like I said earlier, if we come out with a physical Football game with the express intent of coming after Vander Laan and play good football with few mistakes, I believe we will win.
  5. Here is some history for you. We have been to the National playoffs 5 times. Our record in first round games is 4-1. Let’s hope this time tomorrow that changes to 5-1. Also, I have been asked what are the chances we get a playoff game in Commerce. Chances are slim, two things must happen in order for that to happen. First, we have to make a run of at least getting to the third round of the playoffs and have to be a higher seed. The seeding committee made that a really low likelihood but a guy can dream, right?

For those of you in the Dallas area, I will be watching this game at 1st and 10 in the Lakewood neighborhood. Game kicks off at 11 AM our time, so no sleeping in that much for me tomorrow. There is an actual watch party, so I hope to see some of you there.

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