VS. Midwestern State-5 Thoughts

Round two vs. MSU and for all the Marbles.

Round two vs. MSU and for all the Marbles.

First and foremost, a Happy Veterans Day to all of those who served. This is a day I am always proud to be the Son, Grandson, and Great Grand Son of Veterans and friend to many who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. Much love to all of you and God Bless. 

  1. Now, the first thing I think about when I think Midwestern State is that they are not flashy, but very disciplined and very tough. They never panic when they get down and can come rushing back with a balanced attack. They play old school football and solid all around. So to win this thing on Saturday, we have to stay hungry on defense and keep coming after Coward or Hutchinson. Neither one is that good of a runner, but they are both pretty good passers. We know what we are up against, and here is another statistic, there is only one team Colby Carthel has a losing record against in the Lone Star Conference, and that is MSU. Hope that changes Saturday.
  2. The Weather on Saturday looks to be different from that of the last time we met the Mustangs. No rain and the wind looks to be well, the average Commerce, America wind that comes with being on the blackland prairies. I would think that aside from not being constricted to having to keep it on the ground we could score a lot more and put distance in the regional rankings between us and MSU.
  3. The defense has played well against MSU historically in the Carthel era, and the past two games, this group has shut out MSU in the first half. The second half runs that MSU made it that much more difficult to predict what they were going to do coming out of the locker room. A lot of people give Coach Maskill of MSU a lot of grief, but I think he is the Nick Saban of the conference. Traditional, old school and just pretty different from Colby Carthel, which is OK. I am all for diversity of coaching styles and types in a conference, it keeps things interesting.
  4. Harrison Stewart had one heck of a game last week, and seeing how he performed in leading the comeback was just great to see. He was just one fire with his deep passes and to see Angelo have their ears pinned back as soon as HS started to air it out. Also, Gabe Rodriguez coming in for the 3 plays he was in during the drive Harrison went down was a great thing to see the backup just keep the chains moving especially on fourth down. We have two solid QB’s also.
  5. Finally, the crowd last Saturday was unacceptable. Seriously, 5,217 people for a huge game? Last time I checked our stadium seats 13,500 and 10,000 of those seats should be filled and the rest should be clad in the colors of the other team. I mean seriously, the school students, alums, and community groaned for years about not getting to see a winning football game and now that we have it, 5200 is the best we can do on a huge game day? Come on, EVERY school in this conference has outperformed us in attendance this year and we HAVE TO change that with the very real chance that we will be hosting a playoff game should we win on Saturday. What would happen if we got a game…… an NCAA DIVISION II PLAYOFF GAME IN COMMERCE, TEXAS……….and 5,000 people show?! That is just under a third of the Stadium’s capacity. Like I told the guy at Taco Casa who gave me the 32 oz cup who maybe gave me about 8 ounces of Dr. Pepper, you’ve got the space, so fill it up! We are the largest school in the conference and have a town a population radius of easily over 50,000 people, and that is not counting towns like Rockwall and Eastern Dallas and Collin county. Support this team, they deserve it.

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